Corporate Guidelines

With larger organisations, managing branding successfully and consistently isn’t always as simple as it might seem. One of the keys to effective branding is it’s overall consistency across all communication mediums, from large and small format print to digital applications, from social media to email signatures, internal documents to billing and invoicing. If brand guidelines and rules aren’t in place, the risk of inconsistent, outdated, or even blatantly bad brand representation is very, very real. Gulp!

The New Fat helps organisations by putting into place corporate brand guidelines that can be implemented across different departments and that can be passed to external agencies and contractors, ensuring that everyone is clear on how to consistently manage and use the various aspects of corporate branding.

Presented as a simple to follow pdf, this document can be added to and amended as the brand evolves and will communicate how logos should be used, placed and in which colours and formats; which fonts can be used and in which colours; how to use the organisational strapline; words and phrases to say and not to say; the specific register and personality of the brand and so forth.

Adopting this straightforward approach to brand control will spare your organisation the potential confusion and embarrassment that inconsistent and messy branding and messaging creates. It will let every department and individual know firmly how to use all aspects of your corporate branding, resulting in happy staff producing consistent, strong brand communications.


Is the key!

Keeping your brand image consistent is sometimes a hard challenge, especially if you are a larger organisation. With so many different people applying elements to all sorts of promotional material, having a brand guideline document to refer to, makes life easy. It gives clear and concise information on all brand elements and shows examples of how documents should look.

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