Case Study


“ We are over the moon with this year’s Accommodation impact report, The New Fat have done us proud with the interesting visuals and exciting format. We can’t wait to start sharing it! ”

The Brief
The aim was to produce a highly visual impact report full of key facts and figures, centred around the journey each YMCA Derbyshire young person will take during their development. It was important that the initial impact report covered all of the different ‘pathways’ available, and highlight the achievements that have been made in 2018/2019.

The Design
Being such a well-known brand it was important the impact report still sat within the YMCA guidelines. There were set colour palettes and rules for brand elements that we needed to consider, however we wanted to create a report that moved away from the usual corporate format. We adopted a gatefold style so that the report opened up to reveal ‘the journey’, a path to the future. Representing the different options available for young people at the YMCA, a signpost and a handful of graphics line the path. Quotes and key facts are dotted around the illustration, with the YMCA ‘brand triangle’ highlighting key figures. Down the inner panels of the gatefold are sections focusing of the pathways in more detail, providing the all-important overview. Inspired by existing YMCA templates, the angled panels tie the new report design to the current brand style and guidelines.

Following the Success
The 2018/2019 impact report was such a success that just a few months later The New Fat team where asked to design another impact report specific to training and education at YMCA Derbyshire. Following the same formula, we updated the cover image and colour way, replaced the side panels with new information on relevant pathways and created new icons based on a selection of professions. Key facts and figures were replaced with new specific statistics and the centre illustration was developed to suit, creating the second impact report in the series.

“ I’ve never experienced such an enjoyable process in terms of producing an annual report until I worked with The New Fat team, as they understood the brief and objectives right away and so amends were always minimal. Debbie and the team make it easy to produce high-quality and engaging communications materials and ensure that it’s fun along the way. We really do love our annual reports! ”

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