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“Very pleased with the service we received, the team were helpful and professional. The deadlines were tight but they managed to complete our project on time.”

The Brief
Datatank is the market-leading expert in helping councils to maximise income by combating fraud. Their data verification services, data analysis and information tools have enabled authorities across the country to generate half a billion pounds, by identifying invalid or fraudulent claims for council tax discounts and exemptions.

With multiple services on offer, all with different sub brand styles it was necessary to streamline Datatank’s branding, bringing in consistency and creating a cohesive logo set and a trilogy of leaflets.

The Logos
The initial challenge was to create a set of logos that fell in line with the existing Datatank brand style. The three services due for an update where Opus, Smart Referrals and Connect. After a meeting with the client we started work, designing a range of potential icons, experimenting with visuals and finally presented a handful of different ideas to the client.

After a bit of tweaking we had a confirmed set of icons that all sat in line with each other. The next decision to make was the colour. Do we introduce a new colour palette or do we stick to the existing Datatank teal? Existing brand colours won us over – the finished logo set looks strong, serious, bold, modern and very recognisably Datatank.

The Leaflets
The new logo set was applied to its own 4-page A4 leaflet. We also created a pattern swatch for each service. As always, when it comes to branding, consistency is key. Coherent brand style, graphics and colours assure that all marketing materials work effortlessly alongside each other, whether shown independently or as a set.

With this in mind, we took the newly designed logo icons and created a pattern swatch for each service. By running each pattern across the corresponding leaflet we created a consistency throughout the brand. Each leaflet has its own individuality whilst allowing the different services to be easily identified.

Our copywriting team made sure the message throughout was strong and clear. The layout within the three leaflets is consistent, with coloured blocks and nice, clean white space. On the back, a section dedicated to other services gives an all important cross selling opportunity.

The overall style is clean, contemporary and in line with the new brand, whilst communicating a clear message. Most importantly it shows Datatank to be a professional and consistent experts in their field.

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