Newsletters are a superb relationship marketing tool; a friendly, informative and entertaining medium that you can send once a month or perhaps every quarter to your customer lists. You can place them throughout your premises or you can give them to customers at tills and in shopping bags.

Containing anything from company achievements, which might include accreditations, staff qualifications, or successful contracts, along with information your customers can use to their advantage, you’ll be positioning your company as an expert in its field: ‘The’ go to company. Information might include ‘how to’ guides, making technical information easier to understand and might be accompanied with entertaining items relating to clients and staff.

The New Fat loves to create newsletters and we can give you ideas for the overall concept and content. We can source quality copywriters and organise photography too. With a fair few newsletters under our belt, we can also show you a number of examples to help get the creative juices flowing and to demonstrate what can be achieved.

We’ve great relationships with a number of quality printers and can take your newsletter right through to the print and delivery stages. But your newsletter doesn’t have to stop with just print. We can also design a pdf version and convert it to an e-Newsletter that can be sent to your email list who will be able to forward it to friends and share through social media.

Click here to get in touch and we can start making headlines soon!

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