Large Format & Exhibitions

Exhibitions require military-style planning and a considerable degree of investment. Here at The New Fat we’re extremely practiced in producing skillful designs that enthrall attendees, making the best use of space, eye-lines and placements. We’ve designed entire stages for high street brand names, through to pop-up stands, banner stands and plinth designs that have enhanced many an exhibition and event.

For clients looking to advertise on larger formats, we love carrying concepts and branding through to anything from the six sheet formats you might see in shopping centres, bus stops and phone boxes, through to the larger 48 and giant 96 sheet posters often referred to as billboard advertising.

If you’ve wondered what the huge adverts are along shopping centre redevelopments, construction site boards and or light box graphics inside retail stores, they tend to be designs printed onto a number of mediums which include; large format fabric prints, paper and board, rigid plastic and foam PVC (also know as Foamex), composite aluminium, durotrans, one way vision window vinyls and also self-adhesive and self-cling mediums and they all have their value dependent on the environments in which they are to be installed. That’s something that The New Fat can certainly advise you on.

As with all of our printing services, we work closely with clients, from the initial design concepts, through to managing printing, delivery and installation.