Business Cards

Regardless of digital mediums, don’t ever consider the illustrious business card to be dead. It will continue to be ‘the’ single most effective ‘reinforcer’ following any business meeting, networking event or casual chat on a chance meeting.

Your logo and strapline, name and contact information placed in someone’s hand is most likely going to be retained and the more you can give your cards a feeling of value, the better. This can be achieved through engaging, professional designs and high quality print and card stock.

From that first introduction, make sure that important individuals take with them an experience just as positive as your meeting. Because it doesn’t fluctuate the price considerably, perhaps make use of both sides of your business card and why not consider the back for including an extra list of services, current offers, or directions to your premises? Your cards could even double as an appointment card.

Our design services will without doubt communicate all that’s great about you and your brand, clearly conveying who you are and what you do in a first-class, captivating manner. Here at The New Fat, we manage the entire process, from developing initial concepts, to design, right through to securing quality printing and delivery.

So stand out from the crowd. Stamp your print by leaving a card that exudes quality and instills the desire to get in contact.

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