Advertising covers an enormous array of large and small format print mediums, as well as digital and online too. Thankfully though, The New Fat can guide you through the entire process, producing well designed, appealing advert designs that work perfectly for their intended medium and audience.

Although through media proliferation there are more and more places to advertise that we need to consider these days, traditional newspaper and magazine advertising still has its place. We’re experts in designing eye-catching adverts that make the most of the space allocated and we provide them to the high technical standards required by the publisher and printer.

For larger format printing, we love to deliver advertising that draws eyes to billboards, building hoardings, buses and taxis, and all types of washroom and even ambient advertising locations.

As we continue to communicate more and more online, through social media and use services, apps and games funded through advertising, advertisers need to understand the various channels and formats to reach their target markets successfully. The New Fat is proficient in producing appealing advertising designs that conform to Facebook sizing and text usage guidelines, adverts for websites, and banners and adverts for games, apps, YouTube and beyond.

We’re here to steer clients throughout their entire advertising campaign. We assist from initial concepts, to providing photography, as well as producing the final designs and delivering them through the relevant advertising channels. To start the ideas process, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to get in touch!

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