Website Graphics

With over 2 billion people using the internet worldwide (an estimated 57 million users in the UK alone) then advertising online is an excellent way for your company/business to reach a large target audience.

Remarketing advertising is a great way to promote your product / service as well building your brand. Just think how many banner advertisements you see on a daily basis when you surf the internet. Here at The New Fat we can design you bespoke web advertisements based around your existing branding that will get you noticed, driving more business to your own website.

We can also design web graphics for use on your existing website or email footer, promoting an upcoming event your company or business might be involved in.

Have you read about our email templates which are designed to work effectively across all platforms with our very own email system where you can track click through rates, click here.

Interactive forms for email are growing too, saving time photographing / scanning documents. So whether its a simple feedback form / credit agreement or full 20 page policy we can help, get in touch today.

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