PDF Web Brochures

The humble pdf, or portable document format file, is somewhat of an untapped gem in marketing terms, serving an absolute plethora of uses. Eco-friendly, web-optimisable and easy to share, you may well be missing a trick or two if you’ve not considered this adaptable, proven medium.

If your organisation produces brochures, then you should be placing a web-optimised version on your website, or even a link in your email signature, allowing customers to effortlessly read and share online. You could even do away completely with a printed version and revel in the number of trees you’ve spared from a grizzly end and the carbon emissions you’ve reduced by not sending out a physical version.

For meetings, events and conferences, consider sending your contacts an introductory pdf, perhaps containing a company and product or service overview. Include directions, contact details and maps, with links and email addresses being hyper-linkable.

Case studies and white papers are other great applications for pdf documents. Providing tangible and technical information, documents can be web-optimised and uploaded to your website, adding relevant, Google-friendly content; content that you can exchange for personal details, building up your email marketing lists in the process.

And whilst we’re on the subject of websites, product specification pdf’s available from product pages allow visitors to keep, reference and share information with other influencers as part of the overall buying decision-making process. So a great, informative tool overall.

To discuss pdf’s and how we’d design documents that make a real impact, click here to get in touch.

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