Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective and low-cost forms of marketing and one successfully used by organisations small and large. Despite association with unsolicited communications and spam over the years, when implemented correctly, and therefore, legally, email marketing provides an excellent return on investment and acts as one of the very best forms of direct and relationship marketing available.

When sending emails to your customer and target lists, you really want to be sure that your emails look great across all desktop, mobile and online email platforms. Bulk email also needs to be sent from a system that communicates sender information, allows for recipient opt-out and processes bounced, or returned emails.

The New Fat designs email templates that you can rest assured will display brilliantly on all email systems, including on mobile devices, being increasingly more important these days, especially as some 64 per cent of decision makers read their email via mobile devices.

Our very own dedicated and easy to use email system allows our clients to log on through any browser and manage and send their own campaigns with the knowledge that emails will be delivered from a system that complies with the law and that controls the quality and opt-in nature of email addresses. This ensures good deliverability and read rates and keeps our clients clear from blacklists, leveraging and maintaining great results and a sound reputation. To see a demo of our email system click here, p.s. grab a coffee as its 8 minutes long!

As well as sitting on a separate server with a distinct IP address to client websites, our email system provides all of the usability, including tracking and analytics that you’d expect and we provide excellent telephone support for those rare occasions you need a little help from a real person at the other end of the line!

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