The growth of digital media over the last few years means that most companies really need to be extending their reach (with consistency) across the web and social media as well as traditional print mediums.

Today’s websites need to be as functional on a smart phone as on a desktop computer, as easy to find on Google as they are ‘sharable’ via social media and as informative and navigable as they are attractive to the eye. So quite a tall order really! But nonetheless, that’s an order we’re happy to deliver on!

The New Fat also helps clients produce email marketing campaigns that get delivered, that stand out from the crowded inbox and provide them with real, ‘trackable’ and measurable results. An enduringly popular marketing medium, when used intelligently, email marketing provides great results for a minimal investment.

Singing the praises of the unfading pdf, we design and deliver a number of designs for applications ranging from web brochures, to introductory documents, case studies to white papers, along with product specification sheets your customers will love to read and share.

We’re all using social media for business to some degree, but to really get the best out of the numerous platforms, The New Fat offer you our social media ‘brand up’, ensuring that logos, banners and images look sharp, captivating and continue your brand consistently to the world of liking, sharing and tweeting.

And finally, our eCard and eGame offering will bring smiles and ‘front of mind’ recall to your target groups. Branded cards and games save time, money and the environment, whilst their fantastic reach brings you bags and bags of brand exposure.

To view our full Digital Design portfolio click here…

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