Brand Tool Box

When it comes to corporate identity, whether your organisation is just starting out, or whether your existing branding is in need of what we call a ‘refresh’, The New Fat are experts in ensuring your branding is effective and that it relates to and reaches the relevant target markets it’s intended for.

Perhaps your organisation is launching a new service or product or growing and introducing a new internal department requiring their own branding, along with an understanding of how to manage and implement this branding correctly. The New Fat will help to implement corporate guidelines including the do’s and don’ts of how to manage branding appropriately; how to position and place logos, which fonts to use, the overall personality of your brand and which words and phrases to say and even not to say.

One of the pivotal keys to effective branding is overall consistency. The New Fat will guide you to ensure that target groups see the very same logos, designs, messaging that appeal – across all communication mediums. The aim is that they put two and two together, connecting the mediums, resulting in your combined marketing tactics and mediums having a consistent, synergised effect. In other words, your organisation will be more in control of a much more powerful brand. Who wouldn’t want that? Click here to get in touch.

Brand Tool Box

Brand toolbox

What's in it?

• Logo
• Strapline
• Image library
• Fonts (typestyle)
• Supporting graphical elements
• An overview design feel which portrays your corporate image

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